Checkpoint monitoring is pointless.
Without a traveler communication platform.

Plot offers a zero cost, 5 week solution for checkpoint monitoring.
We are the only solution on the market that delivers
this information to every traveler in your city.

I want checkpoint monitoring live in 5 weeks

Currently, every checkpoint monitoring solution on the market is over-engineered and overpriced for an airport’s needs.

Plot is a simple, easy installation that monitors your checkpoints
and actively delivers that information to every traveler in your city.

Zero-Cost, 5 Weeks to Live

Use the same solution that is currently monitoring
Los Angeles International & Sacramento International

Week One

Transfer all documentation to your internal departments.

Week Two

Final review of documents and sign off.

Week Three

Onsite facility walkthru with your team and requirements delivered.

Week Four

Facility modifications completed and ready for installation.

Week Five

Installation and calibration. Plot’s traveler communication platform goes live.

Security Wait Times in Your Traveler’s Pocket

Deliver Wait Times to Your Travelers
Before They Leave Their Homes

Plot is the only solution on the market that helps you deliver wait times to your travelers before they leave for the airport. With this information, your travelers can plan better, have positive expectations and experiences when going through your security checkpoints. Help your travelers be relaxed and ready to shop and eat in your terminals.

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